You couldn’t contain your heat

So you had to go cheat?

I guess you’re going to turn that whore into a star

While your family wears the Ann scar.

You pathetic excuse of a boy

Be my guest and have fun with that diseased toy.

Go leave the one who had your back

When you didn’t even have a shack.

When your bank account was zero

I was the one swooped in as your hero.

Who encouraged you to reach for the stars?

And helped you buy your first car?

Took care of you when you were sick

Was there as your walking stick?

Almost died having your child

But was all worth it just to see you smile.

I guess that doesn’t matter anymore

Since you’re ready to open another door.

You may not believe in karma

Because you think your skin is made of armor.

But remember every cheater has their day

And one day you will have to pay.

© Author Shenette R. Pierce



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