Black Lives Stand Up


For decades our ancestors were taught
Lies from the other side.
And here we are twenty seventeen
Still trying to wipe our image clean.
A country built out of fear
From slaves sweat and tears.
Some may ask why Black Lives Matter
Just turn to the news and watch us being battered.
Our communities turned upside down by others
Prisons filled to the rim with mocha brown brothers.
Some may deny its genocide
Those are the ones with too much pride
Will stab you in the back, and choose the other side.
So what can you do to clean up the mess
That seems to be highlighted daily by the press?
Shut down any negativity
And start some business activity.
Build another black wall street and support your own.
Take back what’s ours and reclaim the throne.
Hold your chin high and never give up
We’re in this together BLACK LIVES STAND UP!

© Author Shenette R. Pierce

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